A chaque jour son pain
— Traditional bread —

Our traditional loaves are the result of the slow fermentation of natural yeast combined with our bakers’ unique expertise. These breads, made from high quality, additive-free flour produced using integrated farming methods, are given the time to develop their full flavours and allow us to rediscover the taste of bread that our grandparents knew!”

— #NEW local flour —

Jules the white bread, Léon the wholemeal and Marie the baguette are made with a local flour produced in Hesbaye, very close to us! This health-giving flour in the original wheat shape is unique in the world; its flavour and natural health-promoting properties will make you want to have it as an accompaniment to all your meals!

Fine bread products and speciality breads

Traditionally made baguettes, rolls of all shapes, flowers to share, walnut bread, turmeric, sun-dried tomato and parmesan loaves… These flavoursome breads will create a varied gourmet assortment for all occasions! Some are also available in packs for you to bake at home.

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